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Thirsk Island

Thirsk is an ARMA2 island made by Raunhofer.
Thirsk was released in 2010.


Winter War ended exactly 70 years ago on this day, 13.3. with the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty.

With the peace treaty, Finland was forced to cede a tenth of its pre-war territories, including cities like Vyborg, Sortavala and Käkisalmi. Additionally, Hanko had to be rented to the Soviet Union as a naval base for 30 years. 430 000 Karelians lost their homes.

Thirsk is a story from the borders of Finland and the deceased Soviet Union. If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can still hear the distant grumble of artillery salvos and infantry shouting “Hurraa!” The area has been under Finland's and Soviet's control, which can be seen from the ruined communist villages and statues.

It is time to recall the memories of Thirsk and take up arms for one last time!


Location: Northern Finland (Fictional)
Size: 5120 x 5120m
Vegetation: Rugged
Special: Includes two separate islands

Did you know

- The snow version of the island was done in a week.
- There can be snowstorms in Thirsk Island.
- Snowy footstep sounds were recorded by KuiK with his iPhone.
- Many locations are named after LDD Kyllikki's members.
- Version 1.1 was done, but never released.
- Official trailer was never made, even though it was planned.
- Thirsk is if not the first, then one of the first snow islands ever on ARMA2.
- The island's initial purpose was just to try out ARMA2's world tools.
- The name 'Thirsk' comes from Morrowind.



Thirsk Island (1.00): RHNET .7z

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