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Caribou Frontier

Caribou Frontier is an ARMA2 island made by Raunhofer.
Caribou Frontier was released in 2013.


War has broken out on Caribou frontier!

Civilians fled the island as two major military powers, USA and Russia clashed in a search of oil. Isla Caribou is known to have access to the world's largest oil resources. As the planets crude oil reserves dwindle the situation between the nations has intesified and finally escalated to a armed conflict. Several international organizations are trying to stabilize the situation and prevent the use of nuclear weapons. It seems, however, improbable that a wide scale conflict can be avoided.

Isla Caribu's environment is cold and rugged. It is said that the lone infantryman is the most lethal killingmachine on the Caribou Frontier's battlefield.


Total size: 64 sqkm
Habitants: Abadonded due to military activity
Vegetation: Rugged, mountaineous
Location: Fictional Location on USA's and Russia's borderline
Conflict type: Oil crisis
Release: 18 Aug 2013


Caribou Frontier's release trailer is also made by Raunhofer.
The trailer was released few days before the island's release.

Software used: Sony Vegas 11 & Adobe Photoshop CS6

All scenes are done with AI units, except the first one (bmp2 scene). In the 'BMP2 scene', Inffi_ acted as a driver.

The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.

Before the release of the official trailer (above), a teaser was released. The teaser was presented for LDD Kyllikki's members only. Difference between the trailer and the teaser was minor. The actual trailer had few additional scenery scenes after the 'releasing date' scene. The idea for extending the trailer with landscape previews was initially presented by Gurumasa.

Custom objects

Caribou Frontier includes few custom objects like an atom bomb, rocks and geocaches.

The atom bomb was created by WhiteDevil. The bomb can't be found from the island initially. Users need to add the bomb manually into their missions. The bomb can be used with other islands too.

Custom rocks can be found from a forest called 'Dredge Forest'. The rocks actually have a small bug in them. If you manage to drive over the rocks from the correct angle, the rocks might rise and turn 90-degrees.

Geocaches are small, hidden containers with a blue lid. Players can try to find these caches from somewhere in the island.

Did you know

- Caribou Frontier was originally 'Skaal Island'.
- Many parts of the island were made during Raunhofer's military service.
- The idea of using tank tracks came from finnish armoured brigade's training area.
- Originally, the area of 'Blaise End' was mostly covered by ocean.
- There are references to Dungeon Keeper, vikings, Morrowind, Cassius Crassus and Don Rosa.
- Land geometry was made with Cryengine's world tools and photoshop.

Easter Eggs

1. Geocaches
There are many geocachers in LDD Kyllikki and I, Raunhofer am one of them.
The island contains three hidden geocaches.

2. Dungeon Keeper
My all time favorite game can be found from somewhere in the island.


Even though DayZ is not officially supported by Raunhofer, a DayZ version of the island exists. The idea of having two different Caribou variations is simple: With two separate islands the official Caribou will stay untouched and only the DayZ version will be altered in different DayZ projects.

At the moment, CaribouZ is part of two separate DayZ projects.

The DayZ version has a few minor changes:
- Darker satellite map
- No moving oil-pumps
- New hidden watermarks allowing use of the island with DayZ
- Bloody island selection image
- The island is called CaribouZ instead of Caribou Frontier

If you are looking for CaribouZ for your own DayZ project, please contact me via email: RHNET Contact



Caribou Frontier (1.00):
Armaholic .7z


main.cpp : Caribou Frontier's Main Config
cfgMaterials.hpp : Ocean Coloring

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