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Actionbuilder is an ARMA3 AddOn made by Raunhofer. The AddOn is semi-public, as LDD Kyllikki's server requires it, but the addon is not shared or promoted anywhere else.

The 'release' was in 21 Sep 2013.


Actionbuilder's main idea is to make mission editing more easier. In many cases users would want spawn infantry groups and vehicles during the mission, but the spawning is unnecessary complicated or limited. Actionbuilder allows users to spawn units when certain conditions are met and then control the units using actionbuilder's waypoint modules.




Actionpoint controls all portals that are synchronized with the actionpoint. Actionpoint is activated with a trigger. The module contains multiple settings that can be used to limit the portals (eg. 'max units alive' limit).

Infantry Portal


A portal stands as a spawning point for the selected group. The group can be one of the game's predefined groups or user made custom group. The portal is connected to a infantry waypoint and an actionpoint.

Infantry Waypoint

Infantry Waypoint guides infantry portal's groups. The waypoint can be connected to a another waypoint and/or multiple infantry portals. Infantry Waypoint cannot be connected to a vehicle portal or a vehicle waypoint.

Vehicle Portal


Vehicle portals are just like the infantry portals, except instead of groups of men, they spawn vehicles. All vehicles are automatically occupied. Vehicle portal uses vehicle waypoints instead of infantry waypoints.

Vehicle Waypoint


Vehicle waypoints are modules, where spawned vehicles are driving to.



Actionbuilder (1.00): RHNET .rar

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