Perhaps some of you have noticed how the details of the official islands have gone down after Chernarus? There are fewer trees and the whole gameseries is turning from intense guerilla style warfare into a more driving around in tanks without any fear of the infantry. I took the reverse approach. In my project the lone infantryman is the most lethal killingmachine on the battlefield. Terrain where the infantrysoldier may hide in and armour is never totally dominant.

Caribou Frontier takes place in a fictional location somewhere in USA's and Russia's borderline. Environment is cold and rugged.

Civialians fled the island as two major military powers clashed in a search of oil.

Game: ARMA2
Size: 67 sq km
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Thirsk is a story from the borders of Finland and the deceased Soviet Union. If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can still hear the distant grumble of artillery salvos and infantry shouting "Hurraa!" The area has been under Finland's and Soviet's control, which can be seen from the ruined communist villages and statues.

It is time to recall the memories of Thirsk and take up arms for one last time!

Game: ARMA2
Size: 26 sq km
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  • Design and coding:
  • Ari "Raunhofer" H.

  • Copyright @ 2012 Raunhofer. All Rights reserved.