06 May 2016

From my new RHNET wiki you can find more detail information about the projects I've made.

RHNET wiki

06 May 2016

Today I can happily announce, that the Caribou Frontier will be released d18 m08 y2013.

06 May 2016

a New ARMA2 terrain doesn't have to be just a plain terrain. With Caribou Frontier I've improved nature sounds, brought some new licence free tracks and added some cool sfx sounds for more 'war like' environment.

So what does Caribou sound like? Press play and hear yourself.

Select original video quality for WQHD resolution.

24 December 2012

I'm pleased to inform that Caribou Frontier is still under construction, even tho the main BIS thread has been dead silent for over 300 days! Gosh this is a long project...
But since it's christmas, here are some shots from stormy Caribou Frontier.

Click here for 2560x1440 wallpaper #1

Click here for 2560x1440 wallpaper #2

Happy holidays!

06 May 2016

Raunhofer.net is now handled by Kapsi Internet-käyttäjät ry. With this change I have separated web and game services to different providers and therefore downloading speeds should rise and latencies decrease. win-win.

Game servers will stay at their current location.
If you have any problems connecting to servers, please check your connecting address to be following:

IP: srv.raunhofer.net

We have finally a brand new look!
Sites are made with PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Please note that the site is still under construction and therefore most of the content is still missing.

Under SERVERS you can find all addons, patches and mods needed to play in RHNET game servers.



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